Gaztelur by Marta de la Rica is the story of a father and a daughter united by a hobby, a passion.

A father, Javier de la Rica, professionally dedicated to finance but always passionate about antiques, decoration and what the French call the "Art de vivre" and a daughter, Marta, who, following this paternal hobby, ends up making it her profession.

They have traveled this path together through the years and this project materializes with the intention of showing it to the world through the objects, furniture and pieces that they have been buying over the years.

Gaztelur, in Basque "the house on the water" is a "Maison de Maitre" located in the town of Arcangues in the French Basque Country fifteen minutes from Biarritz.

It is a unique site, surrounded by nature where past and present meet.

In addition to a restaurant, flower shop and venue for special events, it houses an enormous collection of antiques from around the world.


Since Marta de la Rica created her studio in 2008, she has created and shown, in her projects, her own style that she defines as non-rigid, cheerful and eclectic. She defends the mix: of colors, textures, time periods...

In her projects she takes careful care of everything from the construction to the tiniest detail and maintains that harmony between all the parts is the key to a good result.

A fundamental part of her projects is the selection of unique pieces that give the projects a “soul”.


"... The objective of Gaztelur by MdlR is to share our vision of aesthetics, of what unites us, of what moves us and what motivates us, opening the door of our house to be able to reach yours ..."