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One of the many things the French people are famous for is l'art de vivre. From fine wine to fine furniture, from the Eiffel Tower to the fields of Provence, the people of France surround themselves with art and furniture that spans hundreds of years of impeccable style. They appreciate the finest things in life.

From Medieval times to the present, there is much to know about how to identify the distinctive look of each period of antiques. What is it that actually distinguishes a period piece from a style piece?

It's really a matter of who was ruling France and when. The style of each king differentiated his reign from the others and the periods in French furniture design follow the time periods associated directly with the reign of a particular king, politician or military leader.

The antiques’ eras are classified as: Renaissance (1500-1610), Louis XIII (1589-1661), Louis XIV (1661-1700), Régence (1700-1730), Louis XV (1730-1760), Louis XVI (1760-1789), Directoire (1789-1804), Empire (1804-1815), Restauration (1815-1830), Louis Philippe (1830-1848), Second Empire (1848-1870), Style Moderne & Art Nouveau (1889-1925) and Art Deco (1925-1935).

We have developed our love for French antiques having spent many years in France. We Love French designs from different eras and have selected many pieces; here you have a collection with a few of our unique and beautiful French pieces!