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For most people, their home is the most important place that their lives revolve around since that is where they and their loved ones live. We all want our homes to be not just comfortable but also beautiful. Adding small touches here and there can add a lot of beauty to a home and helps you to realize your home’s full potential.

However, many people decide against home decoration, because they are afraid that it will turn out to be too difficult, especially the furniture choosing part. This is one of the reasons why Marta wanted to create this guide, with her help we hope you can see home decor in a different way and a simplest but unique one. Here you have some of her top picks:

Golden Glass head sculpture: Don’t be afraid to add golden pieces to your rooms, gold is a color that’s already part of the basics in decoration, it has always been and will be a color that attracts a lot of attention, with our heads we are sure you will give life to any of your spaces.

Sofa in red velvet. Italy, 1950s: We believe this is a sofa that speaks for itself, it has two very representative elements of the 50s, velvet and red. We know it’s a piece that with the perfect companions will give your guests something to talk about.

Pair of upholstered chairs. France, 1940s: It’s name says it all, France in the 40s, the checkered fabric and peculiar colors make this couple ideal for a study or a space that only deserves two chairs so they can show off by their own.

Grey velvet armchair from ISA Bergamo. Italy, 1960s: For reading lovers, afternoons at home enjoying with the family or simply if you are a fan of armchairs, this one with its gray velvet, red details and Italian design will undoubtedly captivate you.

Table lamp, green Murano glass. 20th century and Set of five amber colored vases and cups made of glass: sometimes we underestimate how much small pieces can change a space, these with two with quite particular colors, can make a very well contrast with other colors such as the ones from the shades of blues and browns.

Pair of mid-century upholstered chairs and Blue Venetian Murano ashtray: It is not a lie to anyone that blue color gives us tranquility like no other, it reminds us of the sea and how we would like to be appreciating it at all times, the blue pieces in our spaces give us a unique touch worth highlighting.

You are the only person that knows how you want your home to look like. Every individual has his or her own style, and decorating allows you to express it. You can decide whether you want wooden furniture or metal furniture, or if you want it black, white or pink. Every decision lays in your hands!

Decorating your home by yourself gives you many benefits. The most important one is probably the fact that it gives you the freedom to adjust everything to your taste. You can decide what kind of mood you want to set in your house and intensify it with matching accessories.

As Marta always says, the concept depends on the feeling the pieces provide and the joy they give to those who use it, the achievement of that feeling is what matter the most! Our antiques will be waiting for you to give the special touch you home needs!

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