A Workspace with personality is always a good thing, specially considering how many of us are currently working from home and clocking into “offices with endless possibilities. Workspaces are such personal spaces, so there’s no right way or wrong way to design one, but it should reflect who you are and take into account how you’re most productive and comfortable.

We truly believe that since we spend so much time working, we should make it enjoyable. The work environment affects our state of mind and really plays a big role in our psychological well-being, creativity, and ultimately our productivity.

Whether you work from home or in an office, there are always little improvements you can do that change the vibe of the space you work in. When you work from home it is recommended that you establish a space dedicated only to it, but that also blends nicely with the room it is in.

To begin, designate a space. If you’re used to going into an office each day, the separation between work and home is physical, and you want to try to recreate that as much as possible with a designated physical workspace at home. We recommend our Fruitwood library ladder, XIXth century to help you separate spaces and make a statement from where your workspace starts.

Usually, the first thing we need is a desk, so we can arrange all the paperwork and projects we are working on, to help you visualize everything better our Pair of lamps made with amber-colored fractal resin from France 1970 are perfect. Did we mention they have a beautiful amber color? Will give the space a special touch at the same time they light up your space.  If you are lucky to have a big desk, you can add our Marble inkwell as well, if it’s smaller, a glamorous touch is needed!

Continuing with the 101 of working from home, you need to make the best use of storage. The best way to ensure that spillover doesn’t happen? Good storage. You’ll want to have plenty of nice storage so at the end of the work day you don’t have a mess on your desk. A great way to organize your things and give a unique touch is to add our Pair of revolving bookcase tables from beginning of the XXth century or our Rotating library-table from England, XIXth century.

Also, do not forget to take breaks! Sit for a little bit on one of our Pair of brandy leather armchairs, read a book and free your thoughts admiring our Engraving “The threat of Guillaume Tell”, if you have an important project you can highlight it on our English mahogany lectern from XIXth century, a great way to show your achievements in an artsy way!

And last but not least, surround yourself with things you love. In addition to the essentials, make sure to incorporate elements that will make you happy and reduce stress.  Remember that you will need to want to go into your new home office, so adding personal touches will help boost your humor, we recommend a vase of flowers family photos and our Low armoire Luis XVI with a “trompe l’oeil” front of books because nothing can make you feel better than a good book, and ever more if  it placed in an armoire with history.

Our antiques will make your workspace more enjoyable, organized, with great lightining, and well decorated that will help you stay productive, creative and focused during the day, making you enjoy this new space that has been created for and by you.


[ Fotógrafa: María Primo de Rivera ]