Venetian interior design is inspired by the famous city of canals and bridges - also known as Venice, Italy. The romance and lure of this island city is legendary due to Venice's celebrated art, culture, and architecture.

Here you have a little part of the history: During the Renaissance period of the Middle Ages, the Italian cities of Florence and Venice were at the center of this enlightening movement. Venice in particular became known for classical influences gleaned from studying ancient Greek and Roman culture. The Renaissance movement later spread to other European countries. During the 1600's, Venice grew to be one of the significant musical centers on the continent.

Venetian interiors in the contemporary world are an amalgamation of old and new; inspired from tradition, but executed in modern sensibilities. Venice is the city of romance, so it is only right for Venetian pieces to resemble its splendor, beautiful charm and elegant glamour.

Murano pieces, mirrors, lamps… these are some of the most significant decor pieces from Venice, and guess what? We have them available on our web! Some of them are part of this new collection, enjoy it!