Golden is the color of Kings and Queens, spectacular and special situations, old and new… we can go on and never stop!

A precious metal considered a symbol of strength and wealth since ancient times. Using it in interior design can be risky and gaudy if it is exaggerated. But properly dosed it can give rooms a touch of class and elegance, without sounding at all kitschy.

It is commonplace and must remain so, to consider the gold symbol of extravagance and wealth, associating it with excess, certainly not with sobriety. It is known, however, that all excesses are negative. Less is more, in this case, is a dogma to keep in mind, if you want to amaze your guests with some golden touches in your home. Focusing on details such as lamps, carpets, vases, and other furnishing accessories can be the right key to use gold with class, without showing off.

Using gold in home decoration has been around for a long time and its guaranteed to never go out of style. If you’d like to use this color in your home, check out new collection!